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There are a total of 25 different long term currency, commodity, stock and gold ratio graphs below; all of them are updated to 19 November 2004 but there is some variation for the starting date - most of them nevertheless go back to somewhere in between 1971 and 1986. Sources include: WGC, globalfinancialdata, barcharts, and proprietary Re: Gold Ratios - 1) some of the gold ratios are adjusted by a multiple (disclosed in each graph where such changes occur), and 2) all of the gold ratios are calculated as the average of the monthly highs and lows, rather than mere monthly closing prices.

Currencies (FX - in US$)

Commodities (in US$)

Dow/XAU & Ratios (in US$)

Foreign Currency Price of Gold vs USd POG

Key Gold/Commodity Ratios

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